Sunday, January 25, 2009

Legend of the Seeker: Sacrifice

For the sake of this article I am going to assume anyone who reads it has read the Sword of Truth series, or doesn't mind minor spoilers.
I have been mostly frustrated by Legend of the Seeker. The most frustrating thing was when they quoted the wizards first rule without the most important part. the rule is "People are stupid, they believe what they want or what they are afraid of." they left out the people are stupid part. It was that line which sold me on the entire sword of truth series.
This episode felt closer though. They actually called him the Seeker of Truth, and the problem they faced were mostly out of the books. Kahlan's sister is pregnant, something that I don't recall from the book, and has a male son.
In this episode there was a ritual that needed to be performed before they killed him. In the books I believe they said the father would stomp him to death. I can understand why that was changed for television. It made it easier to build up the tension and no one was going to allow you to show someone preparing to stomp a baby.
Still, the confessors fighting was fun to watch and by the end Kahlan was Mother Confessor just like she was supposed to be. It was mostly the order of things that changed from in the books though the old mother confessor in the books didn't have a rebellion against her either, but for a weekly TV show it helps to have a villain in the episode.
Overall if they can keep up this quality of show I might actually become a real fan of "Legend of the Seeker" though I can't say I am yet.

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