Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost: Because You Left: The Lie

Lost is back! I may be one of the few people who wasn't turned off by Lost during the third season. Perhaps that is due to having missed the first two seasons and watching them on DVD just before season 3 started but I liked it.
The reason I didn't watch the first two seasons were that I assumed it wasn't science fiction. The commercials when it first started to air made it seem as if it were a non-reality version of survivor and I don't like reality television so non-reality knockoffs of it didn't sound all that good.
Anyway, there is no doubt now that this is a Science Fiction show.
so the question is, how many people who say they don't like science fiction love Lost? Perhaps most of them stopped watching as soon as they saw the smoke monster, but I hope that some of them have watched it, and perhaps they have finally seen that science fiction can be about character and plot, and perhaps the next time a science fiction show comes on the air they will give it a chance.

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