Monday, February 2, 2009

Heroes: A Clear and Present Danger

I really enjoy Heroes. I've been watching it since the first episode and I believe that it has continued to get better. I even enjoyed the second season though I understand why some people didn't like it.
My main disappointment in this episode was Clair. Her rebellion has once again thwarted the best chance the world had for safety, and this time she has taken it to a new level not only defying one father but both.
The two had began to work together to capture the powered individuals hoping to protect the world. Their only mistake in my opinion attempting to also catch Sylar, I understand of course that his methods of protecting the world from these dangerous people is different than Nathan and Noah's way but he is helping to remove them.
Since he first appeared on Heroes Sylar has clearly been misunderstood by those who would most benefit from working with him, because with Peter being so clearly dangerous Sylar is the only one who has enough power to stop him, and even now with Peter's power seemingly diminished he is clearly the most dangerous person alive.

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