Monday, February 9, 2009

Heroes: Trust and Blood

So far this season on Heroes Clair and Peter have worked together to crash a plane probably killing a few people, and now Matt forces a soldier to shoot a bunch of others while Nathan "The Villain" has told the government they exist and talked on the phone, dastardly.
Peter being weakened was interesting and I am certainly looking forward to seeing the next confrontation with Sylar now that they don't have someone who can match him blow for blow, but I wonder if we might all be missing something.
Last volume we learned that Sylar can learn powers through empathy just like Peter could but he doesn't because he doesn't empathize with people. Now with Peter being betrayed by his father and his brother is it possible that he's having the same problem. He can't trust anyone and he doesn't understand them the way he used to so he can't retain their powers as well and if he can just learn to be the person we saw in season one again he could regain full use of his power.
I don't really think that it's true, but I like the possibility. I would also like to see Sylar grow to actually care for his sidekick enough that he gets his ability without killing him, but I don't know if that is likely.

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