Thursday, February 5, 2009

Smallville: Requiem {Spoilers}

After years of being the biggest problem on Smallville could it finally be dead? Is it possible that they would take such a major element of the show and end it? I can only say that I hope so because I for one never liked the Lana Lang/ Clark Kent relationship on Smallville.
There is of course the small matter of them claiming that Lex Luther is dead as well, but I suspect it is not the last time we have seen this heroic character. Over the years this unfairly mainlined character has survived many brushes with death as the so called heroes of this show try to kill him when all he has done is try to find out the secret of his so-called best friend and spied on a few people. Even the bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet was only a test to ensure that Clark Kent wouldn't sacrifice an entire city for his own personal benefit.

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