Friday, January 23, 2009

Battlestar Galactica : A Disquiet That Follows My Soul

Battlestar Galactica is never easy. This week was certainly no exception. The problem is that I don't know who I should be pulling for. Clearly the president has flipped out a little and Adama is certainly pushing the limits of his authority at least it part because of how much he cares for her while Gaida and the vice president have real points.
How can they trust the Cylons after they killed millions in a nuclear attack? It is easiest to side with the people you know the best, but that doesn't mean they are right. Will Cylon technologies on their ships really be better, or will it just give the Cylons a stronger hold over them? Should people have the right to refuse to give the military access to their homes?
I am loving having Galactica back but I don't know what to think about this episode not because it wasn't great but because it wasn't as black and white as most television.

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