Saturday, February 28, 2009

Battleltar Galactica: Someone to Watch Over Me

In this episode of Battlestar Galactica Boomer finally rescues Hera from the Galactica, and not a moment to soon. This seems to me like the last place a parent would want to keep their child. The ship is falling apart, full of religious wackos with guns, occasionally people attack the cylons the captain and first mate are drunk most of the time and it appears that the flight leader has lost her mind. They should have moved her to the Cylon ship as soon as it arrived so that she would be safe.
Overall this was an interesting episode and I was impressed by just how much of the story they were able to tell without words. The story itself focused largely on the chief and boomer. I'm not sure that I understand a lot of his decisions lately but I can understand part of this. He found out his child wasn't his child, his wife died, his hope for earth was destroyed, one of the few people in the universe who he felt connected to is in a coma, he is struggling to keep the Galactica in one piece and now the woman he loves appears on the ship, and is going to be executed.
That brings me to the trial of Boomer. She's under arrest for shooting Adama, I get this generally assassination is looked down upon, but calling it a betrayal has always seemed suspect to me. She is a Cylon and once she knew that she attacked her people's enemy in the best way she could, but that brings us to the rebel cylons. So far as I can tell they want to execute her for voting for the other guy. I can disagree with who you vote for but I wouldn't call it treason.
The other half of the episode was Starbuck playing the piano. I don't think there is much doubt now that her father is Danial, meaning that she is a hybrid. She might even be on the path to finding that out, but this made me think of something else.
The vision of her father reminds me of the visions that Baltar has always had of six. This makes me wonder if there might not be some connection between the two events. It seems likely to me that if Kara is half-cylon he could do cylon projection which could explain how she sees this, but that makes me wonder if perhaps we're going to find out that Baltar is a hybrid as well. I'm not sure I like that idea, but I find it interesting.

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