Friday, February 6, 2009

BattleStar Galactica: Blood on the Scales

I usually have no trouble writing about TV shows as soon as I watch them but it is impossible to explain how i feel about Battlestar Galactica. From the special effects to the story and even the acting, this episode was a masterpiece. It demonstrated most effectively the depth of the cast on this show. from the cylons, Gaeta and Zarek to the soldiers in the weapons locker and Adama's lawyer and of course the main characters were as expect as ever. Everyone had something to do.
This show has grown from an OK miniseries to one of the best shows on television.
Roslyn may have summed up the theme of this show best when she said that Adama was going to be in control again and he was going to know who was on his side and who wasn't at the end of it. If there was any question of the human and cylon alliance it is over. Adama and Roslyn can't help but trust the cylons now and without anyone to stand against them they will have no trouble getting what they want.
In the end I think that Zarek and Gaeta were exactly what the fleet needed. We went from characters who were completely defeated to characters who are stronger than we have ever seen them. Adama and Roslyn are warriors and they are at their best when there is an enemy, but now we get to see if they can keep that without anyone to fight against.
There are so many great moments in this episode. Most shows that knew they were ending would stop focusing on examining their characters and just wrap up the plot. What is so great about this episode is that they don't. Even Baltar is becoming a better person and I never thought that was possible.

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