Monday, March 2, 2009

Heroes: Exposed

First off, if Micha isn't rebel, or at least connected with rebel, they better have an excellent explanation, such as someone in the hunters organization who is helping them, or at least another character with a very similar ability because people really don't break into top secret government computers and turn off the power because they are hackers.
Clairs part of the episode wasn't great, but it was fun to see her mom showing some backbone and that she is far more aware of what is going on than she has let on in the past and so long as aquaman leaves soon I don't really care that they felt they needed to have A romance.
Then there is Sylar and his father. He appeared to have Telekenetics like Sylar, except that telekenetics isn't Sylar's ability, his ability is understanding things, but this might explain why he kept TK when he lost the other abilities from the first season. Perhaps even though it's not his natural ability he has a genetic tendency towards it, or perhaps he has a connection.
Finnally there is Matt and Peter, I loved this part. These two were taking control of something and enjoying it. Matt nodding at the camera was fantastic.
And finally we have the return of Eric Doyell, the pupetmaster. This actor has done a great job with this character and he's going to be fun to see again. Also interested in seeing if Peter may end up borrowing his power. He's hurt so it might be smart for him to visit Clair and since he's there.

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